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In our lives we journey through diverse seasons, each brimming with its own unique beauty and significance. It is this very essence of life's fleeting moments that inspires my passion as a professional photographer.

My purpose is to immortalize these cherished seasons, ensuring that the memories they hold are preserved for eternity. 

Photography, whether it be during your portrait sessions or on the most significant day of your life, is a celebration of you. It's an opportunity to adorn yourself in elegance and to pamper yourself, so you can fully embrace the magic of this remarkable season of your life.

It would be an absolute privilege for me to stand by your side as your photographer, to document and celebrate the priceless moments that weave the fabric of your journey. Your milestones, your love, your story – all awaiting my lens to etch them into the annals of your history. 

Let's embark on this enchanting journey together, and together, let us immortalize your most valuable memories.

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And flowers just make me really happy.

Photography is my profession, but people are my passion.



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a photography experience that's completely centered around you – to serve you wholeheartedly from beginning to end and to beautifully capture the special moment you'll want to remember forever.

whether you're a bride or a senior,



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– Claire Seibel

"Keri is a gifted photographer! She can capture any image you need. She brilliantly delivers emotion and artistry. Moreover, she takes the time to get to know her clients and genuinely cares about you. You will love this business and stick with it once you begin to work with Keri."

"She takes the time to get to know her clients and genuinely cares about you." 

– Newlin Humphrey

"Keri Knott Photography is absolutely incredible! Her bubbly personality and remarkable love for her clients and business shines through in each session. She is fantastic at getting the perfect shot! You will not be disappointed!"

"She is fantastic at getting the perfect shot!"

– Valerie Meadows

"Keri did my senior pictures and they were phenomenal. She truly puts her hard work into every picture and takes the time to fully get to know the client and make a connection. Definitely 5/5 stars and would definitely pay her again for pictures in the future."

"Definitely 5/5 stars and would definitely pay her again for pictures."

– Stevie Gentry

"Keri is SO fun to work with and her passion for photography really shows in her work and her interactions with people. If you’re looking for a truly genuine person and more than just photographs then I urge you to chose Keri Knott!!

"Her passion for photography really shows in her work."